Chair of Microbiology


Research at the Division of Microbiology focuses on bacterial virulence mechanisms e.g. in Campylobacter jejuni, Bordetella pertussis and Helicobacter pylori. It spans from host/pathogen interactions, analyses of regulatory signaling networks and expression analyses to molecular aspects of protein/DNA, protein/protein or protein/ligand interactions.

  • General host/pathogen interactions (S. Backert, N. Tegtmeyer, B. Linz)
  • Secreted proteases as novel virulence determinants in bacteria (S. Backert, N. Tegtmeyer, B. Linz)
  • Structure and function of the H. pylori transmembrane type IV secretion systems (S. Backert)
  • Molecular function of membrane-anchored effector protein CagA (S. Backert)
  • Phosphorylation and signaling of bacterial effector proteins (N. Tegtmeyer)
  • Involvement of cortactin in pathogenicity associated processes (N. Tegtmeyer)
  • Novel Helicobacter species (S. Backert)